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Saying the stupid parts out loud

The topic of this post is so annoying you need a picture of  J. Scalzi & his new overlords as a prophylactic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, introducing the new King of Logical Fallacies, Anderson Cooper:

BARACK OBAMA: This notion of a conspiracy out there, it gets wrapped up in concerns about the federal government. Now, there’s a long history of that. That’s in our DNA. The United States was born suspicious of some distant authority —

ANDERSON COOPER: Let me jump in. Is it fair to call it a conspiracy? A lot of people really believe this deeply, they just don’t trust you.

OBAMA: I’m sorry, Cooper? Yes. It is fair to call it a conspiracy. What are you saying?

Well landsakes, Mr. President. Why can’t you understand that when a lot of white people believe a thing about a black person, their belief assumes legitimacy?

Now, about that birth certificate…


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