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The Politics of Narcissism Drooling Idiocy, Cont’d



H.A. Goodman is a national treasure:

Sadly, I’ve been disparaged by critics for hating Clinton, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I respect Hillary Clinton a great deal, especially for her courage in battling New Gingrich and the GOP in the early ’90s over healthcare reform. I honestly feel that without Hillary Clinton, we don’t have Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

However, people change with time and Hillary Clinton has leaned to the right (all the way to neoconservative territory) on a number of issues, especially foreign policy. I wouldn’t vote for Dick Cheney, therefore I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Yup, who can forget Hillary Clinton coming out for banning abortion, apartheid in South Africa, massive upper-class tax cuts, and torture. Not a nickel’s worth of difference that I can see.

While some might not think the email scandal is an issue, an email from Clinton referring to the Iowa Caucus as part of the Democratic Party’s “extremes” hurts a candidate’s ability to generate enthusiasm.

Voters don’t want their candidate to be cynical of the electorate, much less discuss political matters with a person who isn’t a government employee.

I have a YouTube video and recent articles in The Huffington Post, Salon, and Hot Soup explaining how this may well be the most asinine thing ever written in the English language, and I’ve read shameless Salon clickbait written by Camille Paglia before.

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