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This blog has been sadly free from posts stating my aesthetic preferences for at least a month. Sorry about that.

Despite the vodka, you’d think I would like the Bloody Mary. After all, the one thing vodka is good for is turning fruit juice alcoholic. I mean, really I have no problem with vodka except when people think they are drinking a sophisticated drink because it’s in a martini glass. I mean, if you want to drink firewater straight, good for you I guess, although I would vastly prefer some character to my straight booze. But whatever. And I love savory food. But really, the Bloody Mary is terrible. And this is because tomato juice is utterly disgusting. I don’t understand why either. Tomatoes are outstanding in literally every form I have ever had them except juiced (and ketchup of course but that’s hardly the tomato’s fault), when evidently they turn into something Satan has spewed from deep within his innards. I can’t think of a single other food so delicious in every form except inedible in one. Even the delicious addition of hot sauce, olives, and other wonderful foods can’t make up for this. I mean, when vodka is the best liquid in the drink, we have a problem.

Anyway, I mention this because you can visit the purported home of the Bloody Mary in Paris should you choose. At least according to the link, the drink was invented because a bartender found vodka too plain so decided to add something to make it taste good. I can respect that, even if I can’t stand the drink. Maybe the Bloody Mary is the Bjork of cocktails–something that every indicator says I should like, but I simply can’t, no matter how much I try.

….I will grant that the Bloody Mary has led to one wonderful thing at least.

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