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You know who else took part in hunger strikes?


I’m not going to address arguments I’ve seen here and there that Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike was dangerous/inappropriate/unfair/alienating. Since someone trots out these arguments every time any member of any underprivileged group says “Hey, could you treat me like a human being and not a cross between a demon and a doormat?” I’m sure I’ll get a chance to address these objections to protest at some other time.

I will instead share a dire warning from some people who are crying foul about Butler’s hunger strike.

Starving, or starving for attention? That is the question that follows revelations that the University of Missouri graduate student who launched his hunger strike to protest white privilege is the child of privilege himself.

The fact that their reflexive worship of money ends where brown skin begins ought to suggest to them that the privilege Butler experiences is not the same as white privilege. But to paraphrase many people, if the goons who quote Jim Hoft and Brietbart with approval were capable of self-reflection,  I would not be laughing at them.

The article continues.

Jonathan Butler, having topped Wolfe

All together class – PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

Sorry. I shouldn’t roll about laughing at what totally isn’t an accidental expression of white supremacist male anxiety about domination by black men, when the very serious reporters at the very serious Western Journalism are trying to warn us about a very ominous development on the Butler front.

Jonathan Butler, having topped Wolfe, now has grandiose plans for the future.

Plans? Grandiose plans? Dear me, what are those grandiose plans??

The group he leads is now seeking “detailed plans to address issues such as minority student enrollment; faculty, staff and administration recruitment; and health resources for students,” according to its most recent statement.

[Recovers from swoon]

Health care and minority recruitment!! Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, whatever can that mean??

“The grim truth of campus totalitarianism is that fascism is fun. It’s exhilarating to be part of an angry mob, and social media makes it easier than ever,” [John] Hayward wrote on Breitbart.

Bet you didn’t see that ending coming.

Normally links belong up top, but the site is probably infected with more cooties than one of Mickey Kaus’ goats, and my computer got wonky while I was trying to read the article. Proceed with caution.

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