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It’s Like 10,000 Misogynists When All You Need Is A Knife


Erick Erickson taking it upon himself to drum Donald Trump out of Republican respectability because of his sexism is pretty rich:

It’s pretty clear that, when Erickson says he is uninviting Trump for sexism, this is a lie. It’s obvious from Erickson’s own statement that he himself loves sexism and thinks that hating and disparaging women is not only great fun, but that anyone who tells him not to hate and disparage women is themselves a “feminazi” or, worse, a fun-hating “male feminist.” (There’s a whole sub-genre of Erickson tweets disparaging men who advocate for gender equality; for him, hating women is not just defensible, but is in fact an essential component of masculinity.)

So what is Erickson’s actual motivation here? Maybe he believes that Trump is politically toxic and will hurt the GOP’s chances in the presidential election. Maybe it’s that Erickson, a Fox News contributor, is concerned that Trump turning against the network is bad for its control over the party’s agenda. Others who are more experienced at scrutinizing internal GOP politics are probably better suited to answering this than I am.

But the point is that we should not pretend, for even one second, that Erickson is any less the misogynist than Donald Trump.

Indeed, the fact that Erickson has some kind of kingmaker role really tells you much of what you need to know about the GOP circa 2015.

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