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Five Deadly Ships!


HMS Manchester Taken From HMS Ashanti. 3 July 1942. A10219.jpg
“HMS Manchester Taken From HMS Ashanti. 3 July 1942. A10219” by Ware, C J (Lt) – http://media.iwm.org.uk/iwm/mediaLib//270/media-270311/large.jpg
I love writing listicles:

The idea of a ship class, a series of vessels constructed to essentially the same design, is a hallmark of the industrial age of naval warfare.  Prior to the emergence of the industrial age, individual ships represented the craftsmanship of different yards, and the relationship between design and construction allowed specific builders a great deal of latitude.  As the industrial revolution overtook naval architecture, it became easier to create a specific template for the construction of a series of ships that would have effectively the same capabilities, regardless of which shipyard they emerged from or what time they entered service.


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