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I wanted to elaborate on my earlier post because it’s a topic so ripe for discussion. See, I like lots of stuff that is problematic. Some of it is mildly problematic. Some of it is “Sin City.” But the bottom line is I can’t afford to–nor would I want to–run around with my hair on fire every time I see something I couldn’t find in my “Politically Correct Entertainment for Social Justice Warriors Handbook.”

So, apparently there’s this game called “Hatred” that was waiting to be greenlit. It was, thanks to the support of gobs of slobbering, neo-reactionary gator-gamers. Some people have described Hatred as a murder simulator. I’ve seen a snippet of the “game” and that appears to be a pretty accurate assessment. But here’s the twist ending you weren’t expecting: I think Hatred should be allowed to exist and I think gobs of slobbering gators should be allowed to support it just to be dickweasles and also because I am NOT THEIR MOM, DAMMIT. Hatred should exist. By the same token, I should be able to call it disgusting  and assume the people who play it are training for a murder spree. That’s how this whole “free to be you and me” thing works. You are allowed to have your gross entertainment–I am allowed to criticize your gross entertainment. Oh, and I’m also allowed to petition for better entertainment.

I could write  dozens of posts like this. I could talk about myriad examples of mildly and hugely problematic art that I enjoy. Because I want to put “paid” on the notion that people who critique art are out to censor and destroy controversial or trope-laden mediums–it’s an outright lie.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering if any of you enjoy problematic (on a large or small scale) entertainment. Let’s discuss!

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