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Well, that’s funny, because I happen to have Congressman Doggett right here, so….


Earlier this month, I observed that ACA Troofers-in-Chief Adler and Cannon — with their Moops-invaded-Spain theory already imploding all around them — attempted to manufacture evidence that House Democrats thought that the federally-established state exchanges would not provide tax credits. Alas, the letter, written by Lloyd Doggett on behalf of the other Texas House Dems, did not say anything about the issue. As a tell, Adler and Cannon cited a news report about the letter by Julie Rovner — something they wouldn’t have bothered to do if the letter actually said what they claimed it did. But the Rovner story doesn’t back up their claim either, and Rovner confirmed to me that “there was never any discussion about only state exchanges offering subsidies that I was party to.”

I was curious if anyone had asked Doggett had been asked about Adler and Cannon trying to conscript him into the Moops Resistance Forces, and sure enough:

Via Joey Meyer and Brianne Gorod, who add:

All this comes as the Members of Congress most closely involved with the drafting and passage of the ACA are lining up to state on record that they always intended for the tax credits to be available nationwide. Their assertions have been echoed by high-level congressional aides, who have also gone on record explaining that nationwide availability was always the intention behind the law.

The idea that the text of ACA clearly and unambiguously said something, related to a mechanism central to its operation, that not a single legislator who voted for the law 5 years ago believes that it said and many have gone on the record to say that it didn’t say is exceptionally implausible. The idea that the legislators who wrote and voted for the ACA intentionally denied tax credits to the federally established exchanges is less plausible than the typical theory explaining how Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster.

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