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Let’s Ask Jenna


Scrolling through my “Thin Veneer” thread, I found this comment:

One of the things that I want in a game is the option to play as a woman. I really want a female avatar as an option. I have been playing games since Everquest (I started after Velious, but, before Luclin) and I really want a female avatar. I can get a little picky on the art and animations, but, I, personally, prefer my female avatars more on the realistic side, rather than the wasp waisted, big boobed, sex on the hoof versions that I sometimes have to put up with as the only game in town.
I loved Portal.
A couple of the WoW human female animations really turned me off.
Aion was pretty.
I miss City of Heroes like crazy. I miss the character customization, and the pick up teams, and the running around with speed boost on.
There are good avatar options in The Secret World.
Wildstar is a bit over the top on the wasp waist look, but, I’ll put up with the aesthetic for the gameplay. I’m having fun so far.
My disclaimer is that I am BIASED on Titanfall. I have a friend at Respawn. However, I only ever barely glanced at first person shooters before this game and I love it. I love the movement, I love the HUGE robots, and I love the female avatars. The female pilots are armored up practically, just like the guys. There are just as many playable female pilot options as there are male options. They look like they have been fighting all day, not sitting around keeping their makeup pristine. They look like their job is to fight, rather than look pretty, and so I love them.
I live in a world where i am often reminded that part of my role as a woman is to be attractive. I appreciate a game where it is clear that the women are not there as eye candy.

A.)Loved the comment, because I’m not a gamer and it gives me insight into the gaming world and B.)It gave me the idea to do a gaming thread.


1.) What are your thoughts on the “Assassin’s Creed” dust-up?

2.) What are you looking for so far as diversity in avatars? Is this an issue for you or no?

3.) What are your favorite games to play? Do you enjoy them just because you enjoy them and/ or because you feel like you’re a welcome participant in its world?

4.) Which games do you think do the best job catering to a diverse player fanbase?

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