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Is Billy Beane Overrated? Some Relevant Data


Above: He’s not a major league player anymore, but he always plays hustling, heads-up baseball!

The run differential/payrolls of some selected teams so far:

  • Oakland: +121/$83.4M
  • NY Yankees: -29/$203.8M
  • LA Dodgers: +13/$235.2M
  • Philadelphia: -52/$180M  (If you understand how Ruben Amaro still has his job, you’re ahead of me.)
  • Boston: -12/$162.8M (But, yes, yes, defending World Champions)
  • Los Angeles Suburban Warriors of Orange County: +29/$155.7M
  • Kansas City: -19/$92M

I include the Royals because they’re the team that’s been most explicitly run by the precepts of old-school bullshit, and the result has been another decade-long faceplant although they’ve spent as much or more than Oakland.

Although 150 runs per 70 games might be overstating it (and might not), the A’s are in fact a much better team than the Yankees.  But there was that time the As lost 3 out of 5 to the Yankees in the postseason, so Beane is a total fraud.

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