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A fascinating interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Jess Bravin (non-paywalled excerpts here.)

First, of particular interest to me, is that she seems to confirm that the Court ducking the issue in the Prop 2 case reflected at least in part the influence of her analysis of abortion rights litigation:

You saw the way the court disposed of the California case. The court generally moves in small steps rather than in one giant step. I think Thurgood Marshall’s litigation is a good example of that. For years he was not arguing that ‘separate but equal’ had to go [but rather attacking segregation incrementally]. Then, then when he had all the building blocks in place, he could bring the Brown litigation.

And, second, I’m glad that #freedahlialithwick has made it all the way to the Supreme Court:

WSJ: Do you read legal blogs?

GINSBURG: I don’t look at them but my son does and my law clerks do. Occasionally I look at Slate.com because [senior editor] Emily Bazelon is a young woman I care for. There’s another woman at Slate who I think is very good, too. Dahlia Lithwick. She’s kind of–spicy.

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