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I’m So Chill


I wrote a post awhile back about liberals and conservatives and how we look at pop culture differently. I’ve noted before–in passing–that there seem to be more liberal caricatures in media than there are conservative caricatures. Yet most liberals seem much less angsty about enjoying popular culture more broadly, and liberal caricatures specifically. I think that it’s too easy and pat to say that “well, libs are just super-cool about everything.” I don’t think that quite covers it.

Several commenters weighed in on this, and a few of your observations were incredibly ¬†thoughtful and interesting and touch on what I’m saying here. But I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I can’t help but wonder if it comes down to this: I simply suspect most writers, most purveyors of popular culture are “on my side.”

I laugh at the annoying, dour feminists on Portlandia because a.) it’s funny but also because b.) I suspect the show’s creators are actually pretty feminist. ¬†And I wonder if this is why I find lots of portraits of liberals or characters who would presumably be liberal-leaning funny.

Your thoughts?

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