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LG&M Game of Thrones podcast: “A Golden Crown,” Part 1


And we’re back, just in time to finish up the first season before the fourth starts. We recorded this a few months back, so our pop culture and political references may seem dated — as might some of our facial hair. Also, it ends with a real bang. Enjoy!


The second part will be posted tomorrow, and the rest of the season covered next week.

An audio version of this podcast can be found here.

Items SEK discusses:

Works Attewell discusses (warning, all of these posts contain spoilers for all five books):

  • Eddard X (The Tower of Joy, and the critical importance of timing for Robert’s death)
  • Bran V (class, disability and the meeting with the wildlings, the history of vagrancy)
  • Tyrion V (Tyrion’s hearing and the nature of Westerosi justice, Tyrion as a political observer,  the history of judicial duels)
  • Dany V (the complications of Dothraki culture, who was Viserys, the history of the golden death)
  • Eddard XI (Eddard’s political strategy in going after Gregor, the history of the Percy/Nevillle blood feud, and more)
  • Catelyn VII (the War of Five Kings begins, Catelyn compared to Lysa, why the Bronn/Ser Vardis duel is historically inaccurate)
  • Sansa III (what did Sansa actually cause to happen by going to Cersei, what would have happened if she hadn’t, and the symbolism of the white hart)
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