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Has the Revolution Started Yet?


Since this brilliant plot was hatched in 2010, surely the revolution must have started by now, no?

There is much to embrace about Burning Man. Since its beginning it has been a radical, counter-cultural gathering, where space is carved out for people to be free to think, and experiment, outside of prescribed politics, religion, sexuality and ideology, and where people openly discuss how to create new morality and co-operation in the “default” world.

There is a great need for people who are yearning for a different, better world to be introduced to Bob Avakian and his revolutionary vision of the most radical rupture with traditional property relations and traditional ideas, and a vibrant, exciting communist world in which people would really thrive—the unleashing of art and science, awe and wonder, ferment and imagination in mind-boggling dimensions.

Two of us went to Burning Man art to popularize Bob Avakian among 50,000 people. We intended to have a one-two punch; to raise broad curiosity about the identity of the person in the image, and then to answer with the Message and Call. Logistically, this proved far too ambitious, especially in a week’s time in the harsh conditions in the desert.

Before the event, I got permission to install a number of 3′ by 4′ enlargements of the image of the Chairman along a 90-mile stretch of highway (between Wadsworth, Nevada and the Black Rock Desert or “the Playa,” as it is known to “Burners”). Virtually everyone attending the event must travel this route.

Silk screens of Bob Avakian’s face and Burning Man. I don’t think the American proletariat has been this moved since that college socialist group talked about Che after doing some bong hits while listening to Bob Marley’s Legend compilation.

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