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LG&M Game of Thrones podcast: “The Wolf and the Lion”


Audio available here.

Posts SEK discusses in this episode:

Posts Attewell discusses in this episode:

  • Eddard VII (Part II of the Ser Hugh Assassination Theory, caring about the bros, Eddard nearly breaks the investigation wide open, return to the Lannister Conspiracy, and much more)
  • Tyrion IV (Tyrion as evidence that Catelyn is good at politics, the real mistake in taking Tyrion is failing to inform, history of the vendetta)
  • Arya III (going through the looking glass on the Varys/Illyrio Conspiracy, history of medieval espionage)
  • Eddard VIII (badge on the table moment, why Eddard actually resigned, political thought on the Small Council, and more)
  • Catelyn VI (the Vale as defense in depth, the Blackfish as a political observer, Lysa as the ultimate victim of patriarchy, historical parallels of the Eyrie)
  • Eddard IX (Eddard as noir detective, how the fight could have gone very differently)


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