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Immigration Reform Not Happening


I have to admit that I was optimistic that meaningful immigration reform would happen in 2013. Although I didn’t think I could underestimate the Republican commitment to white supremacy, I thought political reality and changing demographics would force just enough Republicans out of insanity to vote for some kind of package that had a pathway to citizenship.

Alas, no.

And there’s almost no chance for immigration reform in 2014 either, not with primary challenges to every Republican to the left of Benito Mussolini.

It’s all incredibly depressing. It’s basically going to be up to President Obama to take executive actions on immigration, which will have the political benefit of reminding everyone in 2016 which party is the party of New Jim Crow and white supremacy and which is not. On the down side, it takes actual laws to create meaningful, long-term change and that pretty much isn’t happening until at least 2015 and probably 2017.

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