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The Magic Corny Dorky Cheese in Me


Hi, my name is bspencer and I’m a dork. I’ve been a dork for most of my life. And it feels really good to admit it.

I recently watched a light, frothy, tiny tidbit of a movie about competitive a cappella singing, of all things…AND I LIKED IT. It was nearly plotless and predictable in a way that bordered on parody, yet I could not look away. More than that, I enjoyed its fleeting humorous moments and downright loved the song and dance numbers. I feel like I should be ashamed, but as a fan of both Rebel Wilson and really good singing/harmonizing, I just can’t.

Give “Pitch Perfect” a watch if you’re in the mood for a mindless, feel-good, sing-along, shake-your-ass good time. It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s fun. Elizabeth Banks plays an a cappella commentator who says wildly inappropriate things. I really liked it. Sue me.

In other news, I recently attended an intimate family 4th of July gathering. Ignoring my inner food snob I opted to make two dishes using–gulp–processed ingredients. For the first, I used this recipe for baked beans, which promises to be the ZOMG BEST BAKED BEANS IN THE UNIVERSE. It calls for premade canned Pork and Beans. I quashed my inner instincts and used them. Well, the beans were not the best in the universe, or even the tri-state area. But I don’t think it was the processed beans that messed them up. I think they were just missing some smoke, some salt and general depth of flavor.

I also made a “salad”– the tackiest, most unhealthy dessert salad in creation. Don’t believe me? Here’s how to make it:

1.) Mix one 12 oz. container of Cool Whip with 1 package of (dry) vanilla pudding mix.
2.) Freeze four Snickers bars. Bash them into the jagged pieces (in their jackets), then add the pieces to the Cool Whip mix.
3.) Chop a couple of Granny Smith apples and add them, as well.
4.) Chill and eat in a shame-filled manner.

So now you know about the tacky, dorky, cheesy magic in me. Don’t tell anyone about it.

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