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Since I had the game on while finishing up some work and it was at least meaningful to the Diamondbacks, I thought I should let you know about Kirk Gibson’s astounding inning with a one-run lead and a runner on second with one out in the bottom of the 13th. I think just to list the play-by-play is the most devastating critique of all:

J Buck intentionally walked.

M Harvey sacrificed to first, J Satin to third, J Buck to second.

O Quintanilla intentionally walked.

A Brown singled to left center, J Satin and J Buck scored, O Quintanilla to second.

I note only that the winning run Gibson intentionally put on base is hitting 205/271/382, and was worse than that last year.

As hoary old-school nostrums go, “don’t put the winning run on base” is one of the better ones, granting that this is in large measure because most intentional walks are a terrible idea.

Update: [PC] Want to see some good managing? Check out this box score from 50 years ago today. Of course that was when men were men, and the phrase “seven inning pitcher” was used as an insult. And oh they had fashions in those days!

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