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Blogging As Dialogue


Here’s something you should know about me: I blog to learn. Yes, I’d like to think I instruct, too, but I absolutely blog to learn. It’s why I ask questions; I’m ready to be enlightened.

So I just wanted to say how instructive and interesting I found your answers regarding conservative critiques of popular culture.

So why do conservatives have such an odd take on so many pop culture offerings? I think that saying they don’t have a sense of humor or are just completely psychotic is too pat, too easy a response. I think the commenters in my thread did a great job of assembling a list of pretty plausible answers to my question. And saying that conservatives do or don’t enjoy “X” is because reason “A” and reason “B” is probably too simple. The truth is probably that conservatives don’t get the same thrill up their legs about the same stuff we do (not that liberals necessarily have homogenous tastes) is because of reason “A” and reason “B” and reason “E” and reason “S” and reason “X.”

I plan on doing an entry assembling the best of your thoughts and coming back to this topic again. So stay tuned, and thanks.

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