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“You Know That One Star Player You Had? Well, Funny Thing…”


Lame ducks don’t get much lamer than Rex Ryan.

If you’re going to tank, you should tank right — MORE TEBOW. I think this year they should really try to revolutionize the NFL by making Tebow the starter and having Sanchez and two other terrible QBs line up as wideouts on every play. And as an alternative variation, they could extra-revolutionize the NFL by having Tebow line up as a tight end and bring in another QB to run the offense — Marty Mornhinweg might be able to use his connections to bring Joey Harrington into the fold.

In fairness, while Revis is a Hall of Fame-quality player, he is coming off an injury, so I can understand if the Jets didn’t want to be stuck with an A-Rod like albatross if it turned out…

If that play was at least good for a laugh, there’s nothing remotely funny about this. Revis scored $96 million from the Bucs over six years, but not a penny of it is guaranteed. Woody Johnson could’ve had virtually the same deal and cut his man as soon as it was warranted without owing him anything.

In conclusion, I hope that the Republican Party recognizes Woody Johnson’s potential and gives him an even bigger role in 2016.

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