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Maddow is a fraud


I never watch her myself, but I always assumed everyone I knew did, so I’m disappointed to learn that her “popularity” is entirely due to her manipulation of the Twitter machine. As Dan Riehl notes, “Hmm.”

Because exactly.

It’s much more likely that Maddow’s at home painstakingly creating fake hot-lady Twitter accounts to boost her mentions than it is that fake hot-ladies are glomming on to her tweets in order to take advantage of her popularity.

I understand why conservatives want to chuckle at this non-story, but I’m not sure why they want to convince themselves that Maddow’s unpopular among the very liberals to whom they attribute her beliefs. I’m all for unfounded mockery, but conservatives need to have a little pride and be consistent. Just read those comments.* They seem to think we’ll hate “Raymond Mildew” because “he” is a lesbian, but that doesn’t even make any sense! If she’s a man she can’t be a lesbian. This isn’t that difficult.**


**Unless you’re a conservative.

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