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It’s Like, How Much More Broderite Could This Be? And the Answer Is None. None More Broderite.


Is Ron Fournier real? A vicious parody of a self-consciously “centrist” beltway pundit? It’s impossible to tell. We can start with the Green Lanternism:

But the president won’t get off easy. While Obama has reached further rhetorically toward compromise than Republicans have on sequestration and long-term debt, the president eventually needs to lead a stubborn Congress to actual compromise and accomplishment.

His aides and allies will ask, “Exactly what can he do to get the GOP to deal?” That is a question best put to the president, a skilled and well-meaning leader elected to answer the toughest questions.

OK, pretty terrible, but as the blogosphere has taught us a belief in the potential omnipotence of presidential daddies is widespread throughout the political spectrum. In itself, this is probably less embarrassing than your typical Drew Westen column. Although the concession that he can’t actually identify any concrete steps Obama could take to get House Republicans to vote for something they don’t want to vote for is a nice touch.

But wait! What if we compound green laternism with pure distilled vacuity:

Which side’s approach to averting the sequester, and solving the deficit, (do I) actually agree with? I honestly don’t have a strong opinion. Like most independent voters, I just want it fixed. I want my leaders to lead.

Rarely does one see Broderite bipartisanship as an end in itself put this clearly. What policies does he want Congress to pass? What direction should Obama be leading? It doesn’t matter! Just pass something! No matter what’s in it, it will…fix. Fix something.

The punchline, of course, is that Fournier doesn’t actually care if social spending is slashed or if the economy contracts; apparently he’ll land on his feet no matter what.

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