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Tonight, Thank God It’s Them Instead of You


What better way to celebrate the season than some well-turned snark about a legendary-in-its-own-mind football team?

At this point, the sad-sack New York Jets aren’t a circus, as the New York Post insinuated back in September. They’re a bizarre performance art project that only a few people can tolerate watching. Their inept handling of seemingly every decision has become impressive.

The team’s technique of having no distinct quarterback depth chart is now crossing over to their handling of a new general manager. The Jets want to try and get another general manager to work side by side with current GM Mike Tannenbaum, even though that idea would essentially nullify the whole purpose of a general manager.

I’m not sure — it might make sense to have Tannenbaum run the cap and have someone else run personnel, although Tannenbaum’s drafting was fine while Mangini (who, in retrospect, got kind of a raw deal after being overrated enough to be immortalized on the Sopranos) was there.

The real difficulty for the Jets will be executing their central organizational goal, which in lieu of the “try to find NFL-quality offensive players” goal of more boring organizations seems to be “find a potential replacement for Mark Sanchez who is even worse than Mark Sanchez.” An increasingly difficult problem! I think we can narrow the next big Jets acquisition down to four possible choices:

  • Ryan Lindley
  • JaMarcus Russell
  • Ryan Leaf
  • Marc Wilson

And if they need a new offensive coordinator…what a lucky break that Cam Cameron is now available!

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