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LGM 2012 Electoral Vote Challenge


In keeping LGM’s long history of pointless competition community building, let me announce the 2012 LGM Electoral Vote Challenge.  To enter, create a map here, copy the unique URL (through the “share” button), then paste into a comment. Victor will be determined on the assumption that there will be no “faithless” electors.

  • First tiebreaker: Correct President (If Romney wins 274, a 284 is preferred to 264).
  • Second tiebreaker: Closest to Obama national vote percentage (New York Times) as of November 9, 12pm EST.
  • Third tiebreaker: Closest to Obama margin-of-victory in percent in Massachusetts (New York Times) as of November 9, 12pm EST.

One vote per person, which we will enforce to the best of our ability.

My map is here. This differs from the prediction I made in January only by the shift of Ohio from Romney to Obama. Obama national vote: 49.8%.  Obama MOV in MA: 18.2%

Winner gets a prize selected from the LGM Store.

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  1. Secretary Clinton has shut down my Flash player. I hope you’ll accept my entry without a map.

    Romney wins everything except Colorado, Maryland and Arizona.

    Obama’s share of the popular vote will be 38.54%.

    Romney carries his home state by a surprisingly large 53-46 margin.

  2. My dad wins everything except California, New York, DC. Illinois, Hawaii are tossups but will probably go to Ron Paul who will be written in as a spoiler. The Caymans will have three brand new electors this year who will be unveiled on the 7th.

    Romney: 642 ev
    Obama: 23 ev

    Romney: 87%

    Massachusetts goes for Pop by 23%


    The electoral map is shaping up for a big Romney win.
    Romney aides are all telling me that every Blue state is now up for grabs. I project Romney to win every state west of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio.

    52,000 EV Romney
    300% Popular Vote Romney
    2% margin Romney Massachusetts

  4. http://www.270towin.com/2012_election_predictions.php?mapid=eJm

    Obama wins the Rust Belt and the Latte Coasts, but Romney takes the entire Confederacy and Flyover-acy. Obama gets 281 EVs. Obama wins MA by 15.1 points, and takes 48.9% of the popular vote nationally. Cleveland Browns beat the Ravens in Cleveland when Cam forgets that he has an All-Pro running back, and Ray Lewis accidentally gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  5. I think Obama takes FL, but the margin is within 2,000 votes. Within a hair of 300 EVs.

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