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McRib Surprise?



If you’re counting the days until your next McDonald’s McRib fix, there is some bad news: fans of the cult favorite will need to wait until late December this year, according to a leaked memo.

The pork sandwich was originally expected to be sold from Oct. 22 through Nov. 11, but the popular limited-time product will be delayed to help boost sales at the end of the year, according to a memo from the McDonald’s Operators National Advertising Fund that was obtained by Ad Age. Unseasonably warm weather last December contributed to a 9.8-percent jump in McDonald’s U.S. same-stores last year.

Global warming? Well, that’s certainly an explanation. I wonder, however, if the Obama administration hasn’t ordered its cronies at McDonalds to delay the release of the McRib until after the election. Certainly, a delay of this sort during an election year is extremely convenient. Is it possible, just possible, that the Obama campaign is concerned that the President might be offered a delicious McRib sandwich at some campaign event? And if Mr. Obama were to turn that McRib down, wouldn’t it reveal that he is, in fact, a secret Muslim after all?

Wheels within wheels. The truth lies in processed pork-like material, my friends.

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