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Covering the Coverage, Part II


In our first installment, we learned that conservatives will just ignore any issue that shines a positive light on Obama. In today’s installment, we learn that conservatives will also ignore any issue that shines a light white-hot-like-the-surface-of-the-sun on Romney:


Hot Air can be commended for engaging in perfunctory damage control, but even those crickets you’re not hearing from conservative circles are shouting out the obvious: if the American public learns that Mitt Romney actually is the caricature of an entitled scion he’s always seemed to be, his odds of winning in November approach astronomic. So what can they do? To refute the tape requires acknowledging its existence. If that happened, some random Republican might stumble upon them and hear that he or she belongs to the wrong America. So conservatives must adopt the only strategy they have left in this polarized media environment: if they don’t write about it, it never happened.

Was it reported on FOX? No? Didn’t happen. Did it feature on the Drudge Report? No? Didn’t happen. Just rinse and repeat from Malkin to WND and everything’s gonna be just fine …

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