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Like any good American, this is my general understanding of Canada:

But it turns out that far to the north, somewhere past the sea monsters, there is a place called Quebec. And in that strange exotic location, there are some pretty amazing protest actions taking place. A student strike over a tuition hike has morphed into an Occupy-style protest with a wide-ranging agenda against neoliberalism, corporations, and environmental degradation. The provincial government has responded with Law 78, effectively banning protests not approved by the government. This has of course only led to more protests. As with much of Canadian politics, what happens in Quebec doesn’t necessarily translate to the rest of the nation and that includes this protest, but with 300,000-400,000 people marching in the streets yesterday, it’ll be interesting to see if this spreads.

Martin Lukacs with more.

Here is a pretty fantastic little 10 minute documentary about the strike. Highly recommended.

But watch out for the sea monsters.

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