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Awesome Women Journalists


Alyssa Rosenberg, who is pretty great herself, has been pushing the story of absurd gender disparities at major magazines, noting that, with a few exceptions like Mother Jones, men dominate the bylines at most publications. Scraping the bottom of the barrel was the New York Review of Books (and really, what is more male than the New York Review of Books? Not that it has to be but it is), which is 2011 had 133 pieces by men and 19 by women. Even The Nation had 293 by men and 118 by women. That’s really bad. And I say this as a white dude who would really like to be published by some of these people. It’s completely ridiculous.

Today, Rosenberg followed up on her piece by listing some of her favorite female journalists who need work at more prominent publications. Among them are Sarah Jaffe, my friend and old blog partner at Alterdestiny who now runs the labor section at Alternet, as well as Kate Sheppard, who does awesome work on climate change and the environment at Mother Jones. I am especially excited that Sarah is listed here–not only because I know her but because labor reporting has always been way too dominated by men and because she does amazing work on these issues. She was one of the nation’s primary reporters on the Occupy movement and, frankly, doesn’t get 10% of the attention she deserves.

There are so many other great women out there who deserve major props. Let’s get them some work, damn it!

UPDATE [SL]: On the general issue, see also E.J. Graff.

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