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It titillates your angry parts.


One of y’all sent me an email asking why I didn’t argue with Jeff Goldstein anymore. I replied that I just haven’t thought about him in a long time, but that maybe I should take a look around his site … which immediately reminded me exactly why I haven’t thought about him in a long time:

Those in the New Left have spent years entrenching themselves in the information dissemination and academic fields, as well as in the Democratic Party. Is it really so hard to believe that, having worked tirelessly and with cynical political purpose to take over those institutions, they might actually have a plan for how they’d hoped to use their positioning, should they ever achieve a perfect storm of power? That is, that people like Bill Ayers or a host of other Obama mentors who were born of that revolutionary leftist mindset and never renounced it, would have strategies and blueprints for the kind of “fundamental transformation” of the US they have spent their adult lives promoting and then, they hoping, ruling over?

Jeff wants to know whether it’s difficult to imagine that the forces of the New Left currently occupying the White House are following through on a plan devised in the 1960s that’s designed to fundamentally transform America into a country the revolutionary arm of the Left can rule in perpetuity. Except he doesn’t really want to know that — he already assumes it to be true. His rhetorical question is aimed not at his present audience, but at some future conservative one that’s lived under the iron heel of a tyrannical Leftist regime for countless decades. “Bill Ayers” rings like “Judas” in the ears of that audience and “Obama” has because so synonymous with his actions that carpenters carry “an Obama and some nails” to work everyday.

So why don’t I argue with Jeff anymore? Because he’s writing conservative pornography for people who won’t ever exist. If they’re not obliged to read it, I don’t see why I should be.

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