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Indiana Update and a Lesson for Republican Strategists


Pathetically, I think the largest news outlet covering the Indiana right to work a person to death law is LGM.

Although the media is giving this story zero attention, Indiana labor is fighting like mad to stop Indiana Republicans from passing this law. Today, 10,000 people marched on the Indiana statehouse, rallying and vowing to make Republicans pay for eviscerating working-class rights.

The Indiana AFL-CIO website has more information about the broader issue and their campaign to protect Indiana workers.

This leads to another point. If I was a Republican strategist, there is a clear lesson in the lack of media coverage of the Indiana bill. Republicans should introduce their most loathsome bills in the states during presidential primary season every 4 years. Everyone will focus on the 14th debate between Republicans in South Carolina and media attention will be drawn away from even the most retrograde bills. That might not be true in the hottest early contest states like Iowa and New Hampshire, but in any of the last 40 states to vote, it’s a very good idea. So long as the clownshow continues, Democrats just aren’t going to pay attention to the terrible things Republicans are doing in the states.

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