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Tebow and Our Galtian Overlords


This story certainly sounds familiar:

At this point, the Denver Broncos’ attitude toward Tebow seems to be that you can hide making a mistake if you insist on making it repeatedly while loudly proclaiming that it’s the opposite of a mistake. It’s like the supply-side economics of talent. The Broncos invested a #1 pick in him, and if they just keep reinvesting in the top-tier, benefits will eventually rain down on all. Reality can go suck it.

But don’t kid yourself, the five minutes of decent football he played against an awful team coached by an utter yutz who’s the lamest of lame ducks proves that he has that DavidWillie EcksteinBloomquist Essence Du Scrappy White Winner to propel your team to success, the fact that he belongs in an NFL starting job about as much as Gino Torretta notwithstanding…

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