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Congrats to the Cardinals  — just amazing considering where they were in August.   It’s too bad that there wasn’t a follow-up to the a classic Game 6 like 1975, but still an excellent World Series.  Couple points:

  • The Rangers have a right to bitch about the pivotal Molina walk.  But that’s why you don’t walk the bases loaded.   There are ways you have to manage differently in the post-season, but there are ways you shouldn’t.   Washington is stingy with the IW during the regular season, and there’s no reason to abandon that in the playoffs.
  • The Kinsler pickoff in the first inning was a huge play.   Not just for the out and baserunner in themselves, but Carpenter had nothing in the 1st inning and LaRussa would have had a quick hook.   Could have had a huge impact on the game.
  • Is LaRussa the best manager since Stengel?  McCarthy?   He’s in the conversation, anyway.
  • Bud needs a script to announce the MVP?  Christ.


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