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I Was Also Not A Real Unicorn


Via Amanda, this line in an otherwise interesting story suggests a certain missing of the point:

It was 2 a.m., and by the time I got off the phone with Judy, I knew all about her dead husband, ungrateful children and the grandkids she didn’t get to see enough. I predicted that she would travel and meet a new soul mate. Judy laughed a lot, cried a little and paid $300 for the privilege of speaking to me.

Too bad I wasn’t a real psychic.

Indeed you weren’t!

More generally, I’ve always been infuriated when media outlets try to pretend that professional “psychics” are running anything other than a con, usually grossly exploiting the poor and desperate.   JoJo Savard, the Canadian version of Miss Cleo, was actually given a column in the Montreal Gazette and a segment on a local TV station to promote her extremely profitable scam hotline.   It’s bad when newspapers run astrology columns, but at least the authors generally aren’t trying to empty the bank accounts of their marks.

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