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Round 2 Picks


Speaking of frivolity…

VAN v. NSH: There are two ways you could look at Vancouver’s issues in round 1.   One way is that you have to worry about a team that was up 3-0 and needed OT in game 7 to eke out a win, and didn’t show up on home ice in Game 5.   The way I’d look at it is that after their mid-series setback they played extremely well in Games 6 and 7, and Luongo played well in the elimination game.  Considering that Chicago with Crawfod in net is a better team than Nashville, this is a pretty easy pick.   Sure, as Games 6 and 7 also showed anything can happen (or almost happen) if you run into a hot goalie and Rinne can be outstanding, and Nashville doesn’t figure to be as sloppy defensively as Chicago was, but…I think a rout is more likely than 7 games this time.   CANUCKS IN 5.

DET v. SJ: The way things played out in the first round gives me pause.  Obviously, you have to be more impressed with Detroit’s decimation of the ‘yotes than the Sharks’ often shaky 6-gamer over the depleted Kings.   I can’t ignore the possibility that Lidstrom was holding a lot in reserve Bob Gainey-style.  Still, I liked the Sharks a lot more going into the playoffs and I won’t let Detroit’s good games against Phoenix dissuade me.    I’ll take the Sharks offensively, defensively, and in net, and I don’t think Detroit’s edge behind the bench makes up for it.   SHARKS IN 6.

In the east, I’ll take Washington and Boston.   Over to you, Michael…

…We got the news: break out the hats and hooters for Berube’s picks. As the Eastern expert, he feels it will take only five games for the Bruins to drink their big black cow and get outta there.  I’m not sure, but then, my picks have proven to be less accurate more idiosyncratic.   What can I say — angular banjos sound good to me.    I just hope that someone can beat the Canucks, or I’ll have to drink scotch whisky all night long and die behind the wheel.

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