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Wisconsin Judge Halts Enforcement of Union-Busting Act


Probably not terribly significant — the legislature can just re-pass the law unless the courts fail to defer to its judgment of what constitutes a budget act — but a temporary victory. The judge was probably intimitaded by “union thugs.”*

*Note: may not contain unions or thuggery.

…responding to the decision, someone at the Corner fires some bullets into parody’s corpse:

Okay, make that one side, since the Republicans continue to play by the old rules — you know, contesting and winning elections, passing laws, stuff like that — while the Democrats deploy their fleets of teachers, cops, firemen, and lawyers like Panzer divisions. For the Party of Alinksy — the unholy offspring of ’30s machine-politics gangsters and ’60s Marxist radicals — there is no tactic too thuggish, no argument too ridiculous, and no thing they will not attack, including the very legitimacy of the system that gave them their law degrees.

Omitted: any argument about why the judge’s decision was erroneous, let alone any argument about why judicial review is not a legitimate part of our system. But, in fairness, he’s completely consistent in believing that judges issuing rulings against laws passed by legislatures constitutes thuggery.

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