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On Red State History


Serwer is definitive:

To the extent that “mass bloodshed” was necessary, it was because the Confederates refused to hew to the potential outcomes produced by democratic institutions, which is precisely what the editors at Redstate are threatening. The abolitionists would have been perfectly happy to have gotten the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments without 600,000 thousand Americans giving their lives on the battlefield.

The reason for this bizarre reading of history is that conservatives both lionize the Confederacy’s treason in defense of slavery and they want to usurp the moral legitimacy of slavery abolitionists by drawing a direct comparison between the personhood of black people and embryos. This is an impossible task. But the post is disturbing because we have a history in this country of a few abortion opponents deciding that mass bloodshed is precisely the answer, and engaging in acts of violence in order to terrorize doctors out of providing reproductive health services. It’s been less than two years since someone decided to “repudiate the Supreme Court” by ending George Tiller‘s life in a hail of bullets.

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