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Last word on The Donalde (until the next one)


I’m told The Donalde claims I’m “obsessing” over him in a rather nonsensical way—my ardent defense of community college students is actually an attack on community college students somehow—so I want it be known that I’m only “obsessed” with him in the same way I would be if I witnessed a string of exclusively female undergraduates exiting an office down my hallway in a state of extreme distress.  So when it came to my attention that The Donalde hadn’t learned from his mistakes but had, yet again, doubled down as if SASQUATCH WASREAL by posting photographs he himself labeled “Nuclear NSFW,” I must admit to being at a loss.  He claims to have done this to get my goat:

I normally don’t go nuclear, but the photo-shoot is classy. European culture can be nice that way—appreciating the beauty of the human body—although mostly this post is just a big FU to SEK.

Ignoring the professional implications of his responding to a complaint about suggestive photographs by going the Full Monty, I would just like to point out that he is now employing the classic justification of pornographers the world over: he’s not reproducing “pornography,” he’s merely “appreciating the beauty of the human body.”  Which, of course, is why he regularly posts images like this one:

Michelangelo’s David is an image of the human body that any professor can post an appreciative picture of his or her blog without seeming like a letch.  If I were a student, male or female, and I saw that my professor had posted a picture of Michelangelo’s David, I would come away thinking that my professor possessed a non-sexual appreciation of the human—as opposed to exclusively female—form.  I wonder whether the same could be said for this?

Point being: until The Donalde proves that his appreciation is for the human form by posting artistic photographs of naked men on a regular basis, I’ll continue to think the man is a menace and do all I can to warn future students away from him.

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