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Lazy Blogging


Eventually, you just have to cut your losses. Stories I wanted to blog about this week but ran out of time, what with school, sick children, cats on the lam, and business travel:

1) Some great blogs I recently discovered on humanitarian aid: here, here and especially, especially here.

2) Regarding that last, latest story is about a new study demonstrating that withdrawing aid from developing countries can cause armed conflicts. More at the Monkey Cage.

3) Court case to watch: lawsuit against the USG filed by two civil liberties groups on behalf of Anwar al-Awlaki’s father to obtain an injunction to prevent the USG from summarily executing his son. White House is weighing its response.

4) Harvard’s latest webseminar on humanitarian law took place today: theme was “Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement” and discussion centered on Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project. Interested readers can access a number of supporting documents here.

5) Turtle Bay speculates on former head of state Michele Bachelet’s appointment to head the new UN Women’s Agency, and her possible future in the UN.

6) A great end of summer read.

7) No sign of my cat yet, but I did catch a possum in the trap this week.

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