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Deficit Hawkery Defined


Evan Bayh: “[t]here’s no bigger deficit hawk in Congress than I am.”

So, of course, he must favor letting Bush’s unpopular upper-class tax cuts expire, right? Ha ha, just kidding.

In fairness, there’s not necessarily a contradiction here; Bayh didn’t, after all, define his terms.  If we define “deficit hawk” by inference, I think Bayh fits the bill:

Def·i·cit Hawk (adj.) 1. A political figure who favors deeply regressive tax cuts, unlimited defense spending irrespective of efficacy, and high deficits that can be used an excuse to cut (or, better yet, to oppose the enactment of) any program that might possibly help a poor person. 2. A loathsomely pompous fluffer of plutocrats.

I think we can all agree that there are indeed few bigger deficit hawks in Washington than Evan Bayh.

see also.

fairness can wait!

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