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Good One!


That Atrios, what a card:

Newsweek actually hired Mickey Kaus.

Haha, nice one, Newsweek sure is moribund, but come on, shouldn’t joke contain at least a grain of plausi

Hello! I’ve been blogging at “kausfiles.com” for a while–first on my own, then for Slate.com, and now, starting with this post, for Newsweek. A few introductory notes that may or may not be useful:


–kausfiles on Newsweek won’t be quite the same as kausfiles on Slate. My early New Year’s resolution is to be a lot more interactive (e.g. responding to comments), a bit less insidery, and a lot more Instapundit-y–emulating the wildly popular Tennessee blogger who posts lots of short links to worthy articles by others. Please let me know how I’m doing.

I continue to mourn the death of satire.

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