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Tom Scocca’s blog doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention, but to do my little part to encourage the WaPo to take the 80 grand they were apparently paying Kaus and keep Scocca and give Lithwick a raise instead, I thought I’d note three good recent posts:

  • Expressing thoughts based on specific and personalized experiences in the second person is indeed pretty much the most annoying thing ever.
  • I’m would like to think that the press will be skeptical of the claims of poverty that will be inevitably raised by owners during the next NBA lockout, but I doubt it.     During the last near-labor-stoppage in baseball, much of the press took the profit and loss figures released by MLB seriously, although they indicated that the Dodgers were losing money hand-over-fist.
  • I have to drive an Explorer when I go home for vacations, so I can confirm that this is accurate.   It handles a little less nimbly than an aircraft carrier and accelerates like David Ortiz carrying Cecil Fielder on his back.    (And this isn’t any bias against American cars on my part; forced to buy a car for the first time, I’ve been very happy with my Malibu.   But the Explorer is the kind of thing that made the bad reputation of American automakers deserved for a while.)
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