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I hate to disagree with Charles Pierce — see here for one of many posts I can endorse entirely — but I really can’t agree that the technically correct but perhaps not consistent with de facto standards wave-off of the potential tying goal for the Caps in Game 7 constituted “the single most psychedelic piece of hockey officiating in the past several decades.”   Leaving aside such obvious examples as the Brett Hull Cup-winning non-goal goal, this wouldn’t even make Denis Morel’s all-time top 100 inexplicable-by-any-standard-of-human-rationality calls.   I alas am unable to find footage of Terry Crisp’s insane yet fully justified meltdown after Morel waved off what should have been Doug Gilmour’s series-tying goal for no earthly reason in the ’91 playoffs on the intertubes.   But even that can’t compare to this sequence, which should have had the ushers handing out free pot and Ummagumma playing over the PA:

Alas, hockey doesn’t have the literature that would make Morel into the legend he should be, but he made Michael Brown look like the world’s most competent administrator. (And surely a Bostonian will remember how often he used to show up in crucial games for the Canadiens at the Forum…)

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