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Since we haven’t checked in for a bit, a quick progress report on the Kaus Kampaign.  Apparently, it has entailed:

–Going public with the large number of California Democratic primary voters who listen to the early-morning talk show apparently hosted by the nation’s foremost moral arbiter, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Bill Bennett.

–Going public with the California primary voters who are regular readers of Ann Althouse’s blog.  (Come on Mickey, we’ve given your campaign more publicity, some actual Democrats read us for reasons other than lazy blog fodder, and we’re much cheaper!)

–Expressing abject gratitude for the endorsement of Trainwreck Media winger Victor Davis Hanson.

–Getting Charles “this period of two unusually coherent and closely-divided political parties reminds me of 1860!” Lane to strongly endorse his Deeply Serious union-bashing platform, if not his immigration-bashing platform.

–Comes out in favor of Arizona’s “show us your papers” law.   Also reminds us that he doesn’t actually care about tightening border security if it won’t result in hundreds of thousands of deportations.   It seems worth re-emphasizing at this point that Kaus is running in a Democratic primary.  In California.

Oddly, this has not led to a flood of campaign contributions.  But give it time.

UPDATE: Realized that I forgot to credit FMK for the photo this time.

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