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The Cheney-Kristol Axis


“Mad” Matt Duss has exactly the kind of Nation article that I most enjoy; one that quotes me at length:

Given Liz’s status as a conservative scion, it’s fitting that she has joined forces with another of Washington’s most famous nepotism cases, Bill Kristol, the neocon deck’s ace of spades. “In the modern configuration of the conservative media machine,” wrote University of Kentucky political scientist Robert Farley on the blog Lawyers, Guns and Money, “Kristol occupies an unparalleled central position of power.” Farley has compared Kristol to a business that is too big to fail. “Relationships are the currency of conservative punditry, and that currency is essentially secured by Kristol.” No matter how wrong Kristol continues to be about everything, his reputation can never be allowed to sink.

The rest of the article is also worth reading…

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