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Doughboy Hyperbole of the Day


Jonah Goldberg actually compares the “success” of Teh Surge to — oh, Jeebus, its just too fantastic to spoil:

Recall that Bill Clinton, with his dovish record and roster of “character issues,” would never have been elected if the Soviet Union hadn’t collapsed in 1991. With the Cold War over, the successful Reagan surge (and Bush pere‘s cleanup efforts) made rolling the dice on Clinton tolerable. The McCain surge (as well as Bush fils‘ success at averting another 9/11) produces the same effect for Obama.

I suppose someone should alert Norman Podhoretz that World War IV has ended. Meantime, I can’t wait for the “peace dividend” debate. I was worried that we were going to have spend another few trillion dollars on this war.

…And in other Goldberg-related news….

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