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Kristol Channels Friedman


The general absurdity and delusion aside (how could anyone ever have expected something different from a cog so deeply enmeshed in the GOP/think tank machine; moreover, should Kristol be celebrating a defeat for the most right wing foreign policy candidate in the Dem primary?!), the worst part of Kristol’s column has to be this:

I was watching the debate at the home of a savvy, moderately conservative New Hampshire Republican. It was at this moment that he turned to me and said: “You know, I’ve been a huge skeptic about Huckabee. I’m still not voting for him Tuesday. But I’ve got to say — I like him. And I wonder — could he be our strongest nominee?”

Oh, come on, Bill, be straight with us; wasn’t it really a software engineer from Bombay? Or a Tel Aviv taxi cab driver? If you’re going to put together a Friedman-Kristol mashup, at least put in some effort.

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