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Lieberman: More Attacks Will Save This Mess!


Joltin’ Joe Lieberman:

“I think we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq,” Mr. Lieberman said in an interview on the CBS News program “Face the Nation.”

This could be achieved mostly with air attacks, Mr. Lieberman said, adding, “I’m not talking about a massive ground invasion of Iran.”

What’s missing here is any causal logic. Unless Senator Lieberman thinks that attacks against Iran will destroy the industrial capacity to supply or the infrastructure to transfer weapons to Iraq (extremely unlikely since EFPs can be manufactured in any warehouse and transported by any truck), a successful campaign would require coercion, convincing the Iranian leadership to change its attitude on Iraq. The administration itself, however, refuses to assert that the Iranian leadership is behind the supply of any weapons to Iraqi insurgents. Even if the Iranian leadership is shipping weapons to insurgents, the success of an air campaign would depend on doing enough damage to Iran to convince the leadership to give up such behavior. Such would require the leadership to be far more reasonable and far more sensitive to costs than SENATOR LIEBERMAN HIMSELF has asserted that they are.

In other words, Joltin’ Joe is calling for attacks in a situation and in a manner in which force has almost no chance of working. And this is what passes for “serious”. The man is genuinely disturbed.

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