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We’re Still Winning!!!!!!


Kaus again cites Pajamas Media’s Baghdad editor in defense of the idea that the Surge is working. Mohammed, you may recall, suggested that the five day absence of attacks demonstrated that the Surge was working. Then there was another big attack. Now he’s hearing the sounds of fighting in the streets. Does this cause him to shift his estimate? Of course not; the big attack on Sunday and the firefights prove, in fact, that the Surge is working:

Although soldiers and policemen are filling the streets, the terrorists are too coward to face the troops and choose to massacre unarmed civilians instead. What are they trying to prove with these cowardly acts? They can’t defeat the troops, so they attack civilians to discredit the security plan. But I don’t think such attacks can change the course of events on the long term; the Baghdad plan is a strategic effort that will go on for months, and time doesn’t seem to be on the terrorists’ side right now.

Today there was fighting in the neighborhoods around us and there were several attacks in other parts of Baghdad. It looks like some militants consider that sitting back and waiting is not an option and so they are trying to break the siege.

You see, while sparse attacks demonstrate the efficacy of the Surge, plentiful attacks also demonstrate the efficacy of the Surge. Why, it’s almost as if there’s no way to convince Mohammed (and Mickey, and Glenn) that the Surge isn’t working! It’s unfalsifiable! Isn’t that great! Isn’t optimism just, like, so awesome, or something?!!?

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