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Speaking of Which…


I see that Joe Lieberman towel boy Dan Gerstein has deigned to share some high-Broderite musings about the phony Edwards blogger scandal. If you had never encountered Gerstein before, you might expect that a claim that “the left’s bigger digital diatribers never stopped to address the substance of what the Edwards bloggers actually wrote before joining the campaign” might be followed by some substantive discussion of what the bloggers wrote. You might also think that a claim that “the postings were widely deemed by Democrats and Republicans alike as bigoted and patently offensive [my emphasis]” to be followed by some evidence that large numbers of Democrats found the writings to be anti-Christian bigotry. Needless to say if you have read Gerstein before, you would be wrong. And it goes without saying that he discusses the two interchangeably (they’re women, they’re liberals, what’s the difference? Either way, they don’t have the what the Democratic Party needs, the ability to uncritically support a Republican President’s ruinous war with a minimum of cursing.) Which, again, is why at least liberals like Joan Walsh need to stop ruminating about Amalisa MarEwan.

Gerstein goes on to say…oh, who cares.

…Melissa has more here.

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