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The "Falling Revenues" of "Liberal Hollywood"


Via Roger,screenwriter John Rogers definitively demolishes the second half of the above oft-repeated bit of conservative received wisdom. In addition, why don’t we look at Glenn Reynolds’ claim about Hollywood’s “falling revenues.” Just for the hell of it, why don’t we look at some actual data about the “falling revenues” of “liberal Hollywood”:

Box Office Revenue, domestic, change from previous year:

2004: +2.5%
2003: +0.2%
2002: +9.0%
2001: +9.8%
2000: +2.9%
1999: +7.2%
1998: +9.2%

You get the idea. Revenues have been slightly off so far this year, but 1)it’s a long year, and 2)if there is a decline, it will be the first one since 1991.

So, we are left to conclude that either 1)Hollywood has become more “out of touch” with people since January 1 2005 (and was a bastion of profitable conservative pandering as recently as 2002), or 2)Glenn Reynolds is a hack who makes stuff up in accordance with his reactionary political biases. I report, you decide!

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